Monday, May 30, 2011

Bad Tactic

When an attorney said "What can we do to make this divorce easier and cheaper" the other attorney said, "there are not divorces any longer in Washington, they are 'dissolution of marriage' proceedings" which insulted the other attorney and just made him work harder.

Tender Years Doctrine

In a case about very young twins, the Mother's attorney argued that the children should live with the Mother because "...well, because she's the Mother and they are so young" even though the Mother did not breast feed the babies and the Father had seen the children as much as the Mother since their birth.


A Spokane attorney argued in his own divorce that he should be compensated for the breast augmentation operation of his wife.

Hiding evidence

A Seattle attorney, who represented the wife in a divorce, offered to have his client not cooperate in a criminal prosecution of her abusive husband, in exchange for consideretion from the husband in the divorce.

Physical Violence

A Kitsap County attorney pushed the opposing attorney into a wall in the courthouse.

Attorney reveals confidential information

A Spokane attorney represented an elderly woman.   Contrary to his client's wishes, he told his client's son about her medical information and tried to establish a guardianship over his own client!